7. feb. 2015

A tribute to all my people

So this post have been a draft for long but I finally have time and thoughts for it now. This is mostly a tribute to my friends and all the people I have met on my way in Australia - maybe it is you.

Do you know the feeling when a person just changes you? Not into something you are the opposite of, but into something better. Into something you like even better.
I have met many people on my way and I have only been here for five months. I love to meet new people, any kind of people and of course you can not be a shy introverted traveler. 
When I was au pairing in Toowoomba, I met so many of my host family's friends and family. It was nice to meet them all and especially the really local types inside Australia. They gave me advice, encouraged me and they are so energetic adults with a hidden child in them. At my host family I learned a lot. I gained a greater sense of responsibility, patience, more knowledge, and learned to open my heart and arms to a new world and life. 
I am also grateful for all the people I have met in a couple of hours and unfortunately had to say goodbye too. Those people made my day. So many wanderers out there. 
From the Festival and Central Coast (no edits)

My friends in Toowoomba have been with me the whole time. I am so grateful I met them. It has been a great time. Also because we just got along so quick and we are so open minded with each other. We have been to many trips together. The trip that values the most to me is to the Falls Festival in Byron Bay. I think we just left our regular selves at home and were at the festival with no inhibitions, no thoughts, no expectations and no worries. It was like the adrenaline were constantly pumping and my whole body was in the best shape and I was flying (no we were not on drugs). We just kept along and let the time come and made the best out of it. We met many people there too - many people I wished I had their numbers to keep in touch with. But we kept contact with this other camp and we hung out the week after - do you remember my birthday the 8th of January? They helped with celebrating me. It was the best. I was still high after the festival and my heart rate was out of the regular line. I think I was just too happy around the best people. No matter what we did those two weeks I was thrilled.
My new friends taught me many things about life and myself. They helped me with expanding by creativity and mind. They made me wonder and think. They made the small things count and made me smiling without trying. They gave me great valuable friendships and stories to tell. They have so much spirit and incredible aura. I know I am meeting some of them on the other side of the earth again. Or else we will hopefully meet another time. In our long time journey - through life. 
My adventures, memories, family, friends and much more have developed me into a better and wiser person. 

Travelling is just a beautiful thing and I hope many people consider a gap year or long staying trip like I do. The worst thing about travelling and talking with so many people is you have to say goodbye; almost  every time. But the best part for me is that I am still here for several months so there are more to come. 

"I wouldn't wanna be anywhere else" - The Jungle Giants

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