5. feb. 2015

Our Generation

Our Generation is the one who wants to grow up fast. 
We are 18 but act like we are 22. 
The girls are 16 but look like they are 19 and have already done the things you did when you were 20. 
Girls play dumb to get the wrong attention while the guys talk shit behind their back.
It is more important to attend the hottest club than getting good grades. 
It is also important to get educated and a job fast, while the adults also say we need to explore and find ourselves. 
So double everyone is.
We want to have expensive brands written behind our neck. 
We have parents who buy us everything without being grateful.
We want to go all vintage and call ourselves hipsters. 
We made the word "hipster" become mainstream like the word "mainstream". 
We do not want to fall in love, we end up broken. 
We want casual sex which also leads to broken hearts.
We do not trust any more. Because it has already got broken too often.
We party to get laid and be yolo, not to celebrate and appreciate the fact that we are alive. 
We rather check up on facebook than our grandparents.
We use several hours in front of the mirror instead of doing our homework. 
We want to learn how to twerk and shake than have cooking skills. 
We send and receive bootycalls but rarely go on first and third dates. 
We prefer bad boys aka. douche bags over shy gentlemen and the guy who was there the whole time.
We prefer big-booty-boobies-too-much-make-up girls over the natural smart girls. 
We listen to songs about drugs, sex, ass and slang and call it masterpieces.
We share private conversations through several screenshots. 
We spend loads of money to look good and impress people we do not like. 
We walk the walk of shame the morning after.
We are occupied when our parents want us or need help. 
We spend less time with our families. 
We compare each other the whole time. It is not a game. 
We are under pressure the whole time.
We change ourselves to fit in.
We spend too much time on the social medias that we forget to get lost in a book. And each other.
We believe what the media says.
We are too busy with posting things about things we are not even sure about.
We love to hang out with our friends. And smartphones and tablets.
Put those damn things down and eyes up. 
We are half listeners. We listen to your serious conversation but we are also busy with snapchat.
We prefer sitting in Starbucks and being on instagram than go to the Museum.
We do not eat because we will get thick.
We do not want to get too skinny because we do not want the medias to take over. 
Too late.
We do not write sentimental letters any longer - technology controls the world now. 
We do not always say what we have in mind, if we do we get judged.
We say our opinions, and we also get judged.
We judge people with success and doubt them too.
We keep judging others who are or dress special while we are a bunch of stereotypes.
We are so focused on getting popular that we forget the people who were there from the beginning.
We listen to rumors instead of questioning and asking.
We write a text: "Here" because it is too hard to ring the doorbell.
We forget to appreciate small things in life and we crave for the unreachable. 
We expect so much without making an effort.
We forget to value our greatest memories.
We need to relax. But it is never going to happen. Not for me not for you.
We are too nice and smile too much. We are fake. 
We fake it to make it.
We are the generation during the biggest changes. 
It might sound bad, but in the end we are still doing good and we are still here for each other.

This post is written with inputs from friends, stories, my quotes and the World

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