20. feb. 2015

Things you wanna do but don't dare to

1. Say it with me: I am be-a-u-ti-ful
2. Try new clothes and colors and stand out!
3. Make that ring/piercing in your nose/lips/tongue you name it
4. Dance like your mama ain't proud and have a lot of fun with your girls
5. Short hair is hot and dreadlocks are awesome, do not just think about it, DO!
6. Forget that bra today and work your beautiful breasts and let them stare and admire
7. Say your opinion and those who hate you just wanted you to be their sidekick anyway
8. Go make that first move and kiss him. He likes a confident, controlling girl #girlpower
9. If you think you are a good singer and want to make a cover on youtube, I will thumbs you up.
10. You are afraid to travel far, but just do it!! Life is too short not to (referring to my earlier posts)
11. Start that homepage with DIY/crafts, poems, songs, pictures, webshops, petshop and do not give up!
12, You can wear whatever you feel confident in, but don't show too much ass and boobs (save it for the fantasy)
13. If you meet a guy who is a year younger, no worries, if he is mature by age then what are you waiting for (15+).
14. When you create a blog you - give it hell of a good name. And make posts for you and your future fans #holla

Hope this gave you a smile for the rest of your day and something to think about!

(Still, do not do colorful see through leggins. Just please do not)

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